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Июнь 2024
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Problems of E-commerce in Russia


The development of Internet commerce in Russia in terms of growth lags far behind other countries. All because of people addicted to the cash market and the lack of delivery

Director-General of the Russian online auction Molotok.ru Igor Karpachev recently said that  there are three problems the Russian e-commerce: lack of trust of consumers, the payment for goods and delivery. The most important one is the total distrust of its members to each other.

Consumers do not trust online shopping, online stores are paying customers of the same coin, doubting the honesty of couriers. All together, afraid of hackers, cheat, with plastic cards, and officials with their attempts to industry regulation. No one can trust anyone. Unlike offline stores passion Russians to cache greatly complicates the life of Internet merchants. The owner of Internet shop with a dozen deals in the week, quickly realizes that the money for the services of a courier company it is not enough.

In America, cash on delivery  is a rare phenomenon. The bulk (70%) of goods and services paid for banknotes. But in Russia have plastic cards repulsive reputation. According Ozon.ru, in 2009, the proportion of such form of payment for delivered goods company was 6%.

Not the fact that Russia will inevitably come to the triumph of «plastic». We shouldn’t  forget about the «electronic purse» (90% of the market in almost equal proportions owned services WebMoney and Yandex.Money), payment terminals, mobile payments. According to the association «electronic money», in 2009, 20 million customers enrolled in the «electronic invoice» 40 billion rubles. cash (ie, the average amount was only 2 thousand rubles). While the spread of «electronic invoicing» inhibited very high commission, and security of payment raises questions

This  situation unlikely to change in the next two or three years.  The national system of payment cards can strongly promote alternative methods of payment. The establishment of this system  should begin with efforts of SberBank already in the first half of this year.


One Response to “Problems of E-commerce in Russia”

  1. The low level of social trust in Russia will hold you back for a long long time — in fact until you can get rid of it. High levels of trust correlate with high economic prosperity and though causation presumably runs both ways, just thinking about it you can see how helpful high levels of trust are to economic development. So many more possibilities present themselves if you don’t have to presume that anyone given an opportunity to cheat you will.

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