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Problems with project «Electronic Government»


The Presidency of the Council  on Development of Information Society under the chairmanship of the presidential administration Sergei Naryshkin further postponed deadline system project e-government infrastructure. Council decided to «take the necessary action against the officials responsible for the failure of the timing performance of the assignment.»

On Tuesday, the presidium of the presidential council for the development of an information society  considered a systemic project of e-government infrastructure for the second time. The Council decided to pay special attention to the failure of the Ministry of Communications coordinated and systematic presentation of the project on time.  Take the necessary action against the officials responsible for disrupting the timing performance of the assignment president.

Project is encouraged to be developed and submited to the June 1  2010 to the Presidium.

In August 2009, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has instructed the Ministry of Communications to develop the project «Electronic Government» for 2011-2015 by November 1 last year. Ministry asked to reschedule due to the fact that they were busy with developing a plan of building  an information society. In February 2010, the Presidium of the Council for the Information Society recognized the draft concept of electronic government  unsatisfactory and sent it back for revision.

The main problem of document is that  its format was not determined. «There is no clear definition of what system project is and how it should look like: concept, terms of reference or something else, exactly what questions should refer to the proposed list of measures: infrastructure solutions, changes in law, architecture, e-government, etc.» — said  Yuri Khokhlov (Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute of the Information Society). Yuri Khokhlov believes that it is necessary «to restart the whole project.» That is, to form a clear requirements for the system project, its structure and content and write it again.


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