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Alena Popova

Social and Political Activist

I aim to turn the face of my state towards people – create a fully functional welfare state in Russia. The human capital must become the main foundation for strong economic and political systems, which I am going to increase through realization of my program and projects. My current activities flow in three key directions creating a framework for realization of projects. The most important one is social and political activity focused on introduction of new practices for increasing of human capital by changing the way state and municipal authorities operate, changing approach of businesses to the issue and people’s welfare. I also focus on solving the problem of gender equality and volunteering. Those two issues are not only very close to my heart and really preoccupy me, but also contribute to my main activity – development of a welfare state and increasing of human capital. Everything I do in general, has to ensure skills and experience enough for me to become a head of the executive body of the state in the future, provided that I have the people’s support, and realize all of my goals.

2015 – present day. Founder and head of the «Human Capital» fund
Within the think tank, we develop a program for development of a new economic and political model for Russia. The models that I suggest, must be very detailed and designed in cooperation with leading experts, representatives of the public/business/state and be feasible, not populist. At the same time, the projects and ideas generated by the think tank must not remain on paper. We select and implement the best projects. All of them have the same main goal – creation of a welfare state and increasing of human capital. Such projects are, for example, a center of early career guidance Children and Careers, and educational legal center Pashkova-Popova. We actively collaborate with local authorities, where the best local issue solving practices are developed: creation of homeowners’ associations, collaboration with managing companies, landscaping and area improvements, fighting against closing of schools, destruction of parks and illegal construction.

2013 – present day. Lawmaking
It is important to not only create and push forward the initiative «from below», but also to stimulate the countermotion «from the above». That is why I take active part in lawmaking by active collaboration with deputies of the State Duma and participate in preparation of different laws as an expert. Starting from 2014, I perform a job of a counselor for a State Duma deputy, head of the RF State Duma’s committee on housing and public utility sector, Khovanskaya Galina Petrovna.

2013 – present day. Founder of the Protect Women Project (fighting of violence towards women)
Within my fight towards the gender inequality, I focus on fighting domestic violence that happens at every fourth Russian family. It is the most critical problem, since not only causes physical, but also psychological damage, thus influencing the future life of a woman. We are working at the legislative level (taking part in development of a law against domestic violence), and «at the field» as well by helping women (individual help to the victims, searching for temporary accommodation, provision of attorneys).

2009 – present day. A woman as a business leader
Since I myself am an active entrepreneur and I know which difficulties women face, I try to create a convenient infrastructure for the other businesswomen in Russia, so that they could create and manage successful effective businesses. The main courses of work are educating on management and help in attraction of investments. For this, I created two projects – Startup Women (assistance to entrepreneurs) and Women in Venture Capital (investment club for successful women). In 2015 I also became a member of the board of a non-profit organization «Businesswomen».

2015 – present day. A woman as a political leader
Having gained some experience in conducting of political campaigns, I have decided to join it with the experience of the other women candidates and create a united coordination center. This led to creation of a project called the First Team, where I am a co-founder. Within this project, for the next elections we create a pool of women candidates that we will support. Currently we are preparing for Parliament and local elections in 2016 and finalizing the candidate pool that will include 12 people.

2013 – present day. Other issues
There are also other issues that women in Russia have to face: abducting of children by fathers after divorce, unequal salaries, patriarchal traditions in society. I try to talk about that and help if women are coming to me with their problems personally. My public speeches at various conferences, panels and TV-shows really help in fighting gender inequality.

2010 – present day. Assistance to people in emergencies
I started volunteering in Krymsk (Krasnodar region) during the flood of 2012, and then continued at the flood in Derbent (Dagestan) in 2012, fires in Siberia in 2012, flood at the Russian Far East in 2013. Apart from my presence and assistance to the people in disaster site, together with other volunteers I organize collection of humanitarian supplies in Moscow. In order to coordinate the activities, in 2013 I have founded a non-profit organization Civil Corps. For the assistance in arrangement of the volunteers’ work in Krymsk, I received a merit certificate from the EMERCOM. I am also a member of an expert council on safety for the Public Chamber of Moscow.

2008 – present day. Children
I participate in a tutoring program for children and orphanages called Senior Brother and Sisters of Russia. I am a guardian and tutor to three children of the Moscow orphanages. I also often participate in fundraising for treatment of severely ill children.

Reasons for abandoning the e-Government project: understood that if the current government approach to the citizens will not change drastically, the quality of government services would stay low.

2006-2013. e-Government
By using the modern technology, I was trying to arrange connection between citizens and government. For this matter the following projects were realized: eGov Live (info system about resources of the e-government), Gov2People (development of support for civil projects and initiatives), Duma 2.0 (problem solving by public via Internet). In 2012, I co-founded the Foundation of Open Projects that was supposed to support projects for the new technologies and interaction between the public and the state. The Foundation supported the projects OpenDuma (online broadcast of State Duma sessions – not available at that time), Indata (school of Russian data-journalism), OpenAction (info center for civil activism). From 2012 to 2013 I was a member of the board of the E-Democracy Development Foundation.

2006-2013. Entrepreneur, founder of business-projects
At the time, we were working on projects related to the e-government, my partners and me have launched several business-projects, including RusBase (infrastructural project for development of venture financing) and Starlook (e-commerce). In 2007-2008 I was a counselor at the Korea-Russia Business Council.

2006-2013. Conferences
Organizer and speaker of many conferences, including Russian practices of e-government (2010), E-Government: regions and municipalities (2010), Russian Internet Forum (2007-2012), State in XXI century (2011), Saint-Petersburg International Youth Economic Forum (2011), Social and Economy Forum of Tver (2010-2011), Economy Forum of Perm (2010-2011) etc. Was one of the judges at The Bobs – Runet award, and others.

Reasons for abandoning career in journalism: desire to make changes myself, and not telling how others do that.

2000-2006. Political journalist in Moscow
Parallel to studying at the university, I was actively working as a journalist – writing articles and producing TV-shows about politics, economy and society. In 2001-2003, I was a Parliament correspondent of RIA Globus (coverage of the State Duma and the Federal Council work). In 2002, I had an internship at the news programs of TVC channel. In 2003 had an internship at the ORT channel in a program of Vladimir Pozner called Vremena. In 2004-2006 was producing my own TV-shows (channels Kultura and STS) and radio-shows (City FM station), took part in development of a new format for the TV-show Vzglyad.

1998-2000. Work in Ekaterinburg
Started to work whilst studying at school as a TV correspondent first at the Channel 4 of Ekaterinburg (1998). Then became a producer of a teenage show at the VGTRK (Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company) of Ekaterinburg (1999). Before moving to Moscow worked as a news correspondent at the TV broadcasting company AVS in Ekaterinburg (2000).

1990 – 1998 – School №65, School «Prospect», Lyceum «Concord»
1998 – 2000 – Lyceum (specialization: history) of the Ural Federal University
2000 – 2005 – Lomonosov Moscow State University. Journalism. Scholarship of Herzen and Potanin programs. Specialist degree
2015 – present day – Kutafin Moscow State Law University. Advocacy faculty. Extramural. Bachelor degree
Languages: Russian (mother tongue), English (advanced)