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Июль 2024
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Foster children are choosing by videos online


Ability to choose children for adoption with videos on the Internet has expanded. The draft «Videopasport child» is going to join the Kirov Region in Russia.

In the project «Videopasport of a child», organized with the support of the Ministry of Education, is currently involved several regions: Moscow and Moscow region, Astrakhan region, Kostroma, Nizhny Novgorod, Orel and Pskov regions. The project involves, as a rule, children aged 4 to 13 years, because they are not very interesting for the prospective adoptive parents unlike the kids.

The whole system complex includes bank of videopasports and placing it on the Internet, creating stories to appear on local television and provision of materials in newspapers. Bank of videopasports is  stored in the bodies of trusteeship and guardianship of the region, and any person who has decided to adopt a child will get DVD with the information plots of the child’s life, the stories about him with friends, teachers, doctors, and other information. Access to all thia materials is opened under legislation.

At the same disc potential adopter will receive detailed information about the legal aspect of adoption. Prospective parents can choose the region in which they want to adopt a child, search for candidates based on age range.

According to project participants, 70% of online video card holders have found adoptive families. A few years ago the guardianship laying out data on children on the Internet were limited to photographs of orphans seeking family.

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