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Июль 2024
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Process of «brain drain» from Russia back to the indicators of 2006


Low efficiency of the implementation of policies of innovation development in Russia engaged in the process of professional emigration. This is stated in the materials of the National Association of innovation and development of information technology

According to the Association  there are about 4 000 research institutes and over 40 000 innovative companies in Russia.  In 2009  Rospatent registered about 28 thousand applications for inventions that slightly lower than in 2008 — 30 thousand

According to analysts of the Association for 2009 at the development of innovative programs and projects has been allocated about 1.3 trillion rubles, of which 1.15 trillion rubles were allocated from state budget, which is 22 percent higher than 2008 / 954 bln / As a result, Russia was running about 50 innovative startups.

For comparison, in 2009 U.S. venture capital funds made investments totaling $ 17.6 billion dollars / about 500 billion rubles/, which allowed them to run the 2795 startups

National Association of innovation and development of information technology suggests such a low efficiency of the implementation of the policy of innovative development is due to incompetence and lack of transparency of public officials responsible for implementation of the largest federal innovation programs and projects.Russia’s developers are experiencing a high level of distrust of «innovative» officials.

Results of poll, made by National Association of innovation and development of information technology

  • 1,5% of innovators said that state officials have done enough for the process of innovation development;
  • 8%    of innovators commended the efforts of officials as average;
  • 37% of innovators commended the efforts of officials as a minimum;
  • 53% of innovators believe that the officials do nothing for the development of innovative sector.

As a result, it stimulates the process of emigration of professional developers. In 2009 left the country about 6100 scientists and scientific experts, that allows to speak about the next activation of the «brain drain». Such an outflow of scientific personnel was observed only in 2006, when the state has not yet acted program to support innovation development, and scientists do not feel confidence in the future.

The total capacity of Russian innovative companies today is estimated at about 8-10 thousand projects. If we estimate the startups in the areas of economic application, we see such a distribution of projects:

  • information and communication technology — 18.9 %;
  • biotechnology and medicine — 15.4 %;
  • industrial technology — 10.4 %;
  • agricultural technologies — 8,7 %;
  • energy and energy efficiency — 8.1 %;
  • the environment and saving — 7,4 %;
  • nanosystems and materials — 6.8 %;
  • electronics and instrumentation — 5,5 %;
  • transportation and engine — 4,6 %;
  • construction technology — 3.6%;
  • aviation and space systems — 1, 7 %;
  • other technologies — 8,9 %.\


I personally would like to note that Russia has a huge potential in  innovation area: many professionals still working in Russia and they have much to teach.  Russia is an excellent platform for the introduction of innovative schemes and programs and for large capital inflows.

As russian venture investor and IT-manager, first of all I set myself the task to  gain more experience of foreign countries and innovation cases to implement them in Russia.

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