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The information on the income of the President and Prime Minister of Russia for 2009 is published


Today, 12 April, members of the presidential administration and cabinet members issued a declaration of income for the year 2009 at a time.

The premier’s, vice premiers’ and ministers’ declaratios are publicized first , and a month later — a declaration of subordinate officials, the heads of services and agencies to the heads of departments and their deputies.

According to the decree of President Medvedev, signed in March last year, president, prime minister and his deputies, ministers and officials of the Kremlin  should be held accountable their income until April 1.

According to current data, Medvedev poorer by nearly a million — last year he earn 3 335 281 rubles, while in 2008 — 4 139 726 rubles.  However, he bought a car — GAZ 20 «Victory» 1948 model year. Recall that in 2008 it was reported that the president does not own cars. Svetlana Medvedeva remained Volkswagen Golf 1999 release. The declaration states that the president has 12 banks accounts in Russian banks totaling  3 574 747 rubles. His wife has a bank of Russia alone account for the amount of 7 504 rubles. In the joint ownership of the presidential couple has an apartment area 367.8 square meters.

The site of the Kremlin also published information and income and property of employees of the presidential administration and members of their families.

As promised, both in the White House Web site information on their income published and members of the government headed by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. His income, according to the declaration, also diminished in the «crisis» year more than 700 thousand and amounted to 3 889 807 rubles. At the same time the Prime Minister’s wife Lyudmila Putin has earned for the year just 582 rubles, indicated in the declaration.

In this declaration, in addition to the permanent earnings are reported income from creative activity, shares, securities, and balances in bank accounts as at 31 December of the previous year. It also indicates the apartment, real estate, land, transportation.

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