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Июнь 2024
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Results of Round Table «Government 2.0 in Russia»


Finally after all the conferences and round tables, I can go back to my blog. Here I would like to post all materials discussed ta round table Government 2.0 vs Citizen 2.0 in Russia: Internet and Politics

I want to express my gratitude and say thank you to all the experts who helped organize the discussion and recording interviews: Nicholas Gruen (chairing the Government 2.0 Taskforce for the Australian Government),
Michael Carroll (Professor of Law, American University), Adriel Hampton (founder of Government 2.0 Radio)
Sarah Schacht (organizer of Open Gov West Conference on Government 2.0), Dustin Haisler (author of cityofmanor.org ), Alan W. Silberberg (Gov 2.0 Innovator, CEO and Founder of You2Gov, Founder of Gov20LA),
Jean-Jacques Kudela (G2C Project, Supprt to E-Government in the Russian Federation), Justin Kerr-Stevens – (Demos Associate/Strategic Advisor  UK Central Government), David Eaves (Open Government adviser & advocate Centre for the Study of Democracy)

Unfortunately, we failed to show all the video interviews with foreign experts in Government 2.0 due to technical problems, but I spread them here. Also below you can read the presentations of participants and speakers (in russian)

Video from experts in the field of Government 2.0
The following interviews are not the best quality o because I wrote video with Skype. Apologize in advance.

Dustin Haisler

Alan W. Silberberg

Justin Kerr-Stevens

Michael Carroll

Nicholas Gruen

Adriel Hampton

David Eaves


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