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Public Services Through Internet: Demand Is There, Supply Not Quite Adequate


Public services through Internet are becoming ever more popular in Russia since this is one of our top priorities. Supply is catching up with demand and all public services must turn into electronic form by 2015. Cold Russian winter, sloppiness of local customers, interest to innovation and computer technologies warm up demand for gosuslugi.ru, a brand new portal of public services designed especially for those who do not want to waste time in long lines or queues waiting to hand in an application or to receive a signature.  As a result, according to Public Opinion Foundation, even among people who cannot use a computer (about 44 percent of population), about 15 percent expressed desire to use services of public institutions and services through Internet.

“Team of Rostelecom involved in designing and building the infrastructure of e-government is only in the beginning of a long way», but «already got a number of key elements of this infrastructure,” Valery Zubakha, director of the project «Electronic Government» in Rostelecom told to a reporter. “The work of rendering priority public services into electronic form is going in full compliance with the schedule approved by the Government of Russian Federation, and in some areas even ahead of it», meaning ahead of schedule.

This is unthinkable how many priority public services have existed for long without electronic form and how Russian citizens could have had already lived without electronic government for so many years! According to the data from Zubakha’s colleagues from Rostelecom, 49 government services are available electronically through the portal gosuslugi.ru, including filing tax returns and licensing of various activities. To understand what areas Zubakha means when he says that it is either in full compliance with schedule or ahead, those are services of 19 agencies: the Federal Tax Service, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Pension Fund of Russia, State Committee for Industrial and Mining Safety Supervision, Rosnedra, Federal Migration Service, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rosobrnadzor, the Ministry of Culture, Roszdravnadzor, Healthcare Ministry, Federal Medical Biological Agency, Rosstat, Rosreestr, Rosalkogolregulirovanie, Roskomnadzor, Rosselkhoznadzor, Rosavtodor.

Most applications (69,573,100,005) were received by the Federal Migration Service (FMS). This includes the 29,259 applications filed for a foreign passport by a citizen aged 18 years or older and 3,700 requests for a foreign passport by a citizen who has not attained the age of 18. Ilya Ponomarev, the State Duma deputy, believes that «this is a significant figure”.?

“But they raise concern because of large number of negative responses about getting foreign passport through the portal of public services. That is, demand is there, but supply is not quite adequate,» Ponomarev said.

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