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Crowdsourcing: Ideas Of Projects For City


Yesterday I spoke with organizer of CityCamp, a start-up conference in Saint Petersburg, about effectiveness and need for crowdsourcing in such a field as Gov 2.0. Many crowdsourcing ideas will be represented at City Camp, a conference of start-up projects that is taking place in Saint Petersburg on October 23-24 2010. Agenda of this conference includes City Challenge, a competition analogous to Code for America, when a city chooses innovational firms that outsource services.

Experience of Washington DC and many other cities that held apps for or codes for competitions and tenders shows that such competitions are excellent resources of ideas for projects and for organization of innovative environment, rational from viewpoints of both urban development and commercialization of innovations. This is Gov 2.0 in action with all its pluses and minuses, but also with development of competences on the side of citizens themselves.

For now, this project is launched only in St Petersburg, but I am planning to launch similar initiative in Moscow. Today we already have such crowdsourcing projects aimed at urban development in Russia:

Russian Fires is one of the best Russian examples of crowdsourcing where the efforts of many people create social (and even vital) project through Ushahidi platform.

— At Streetjournal.org (Perm) customers can report problems in Perm’s area, describe what must be corrected, show the location of the problem on a map, additional photos and video materials.

Doroga.tv allows to watch the movement of urban transport on the map, traffic jams and so on.

Rusavtobus makes it possible to run routes, contains a large database on the movement of all modes of transport, including minibuses.

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  1. I also know some things about other types of crowdsourcing platforms. For exemple, palkoo! It is a start-up which emphasise the creativity and of course the power of selection.

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