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E-government digest #5


March, 2011 – April 14, 2011

Network of Justice. Rules of online filing claims has been approved. The Supreme Arbitration Court has developed a temporary regulation lawsuits filing claims over the Internet. The new system is called “My referee”. This service allows you to initiate the process, further documents must be submitted in paper form. The court will process the application in about two days, and either accept it or send a refusal.

New multifunctional center of government services has been opened in Jurga, Kemerov region.

Municipal authorities and the regional department of information technologies examined similar structures  in other regions (There are more than 166 similar centers in Russia) and tried to adopt the best practices in their center. You can keep track of the stage and verify the date of execution of a document online.

Regions of the Volga Federal District are creating the unified database of electronic projects — document management, electronic charts and receptions — to freely use the inventions of each other. To date, each region solves three problems by itself: the creation of electronic documents, e-government services portal and e-cards citizens. Region government leaders decided that regions are wasting moneys in no vain by creating own versions of e-government and now starts to create the unified database.

The Government in 21 Century Conference has been held on April, 13. The conference was devoted to the implementation of e-Government in the Russian Federation. It’s a discussion platform involving Russian and foreign experts from various fields of activity: government, IT industry, science, non-profit sector.

President Dmitry Medvedev signed a law on “Electronic signature”. The law had been passed by the Parliament on 25 March 2011 and approved by the Federation Council on March 30. The new law seeks to address shortcomings of the law «On electronic digital signature (EDS)”, as well as expanding the scope of permissible uses and types of electronic signatures

One-third of public bodies already joined the system of inter-electron interactions.

About 30 Russian agencies currently connected to a system of electronic interaction, which should save a lot of time to citizens searching for information and documents.

More than $1billion is going to be spent on digitalizing Public Health in 2011-2012.

According to experts the information system of Health care facilities is going to increase the reception of patients by 10-20%, speed up the diagnosis by 25%, four times reduce the time spent on information search and significantly reduce the number of medical errors.

It is planned to create four certifying centers until the end of April in Moscow. These center would issue and distribute electronic signatures for citizens. It is planned to create at least 83 certifying centers across the Russia. As the officials report the price of special carrier (flash-drive) with electronic signature that can be used in all government services is going to be $10-20.

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