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Июль 2024
Пн Вт Ср Чт Пт Сб Вс
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E-gov in Krasnoyarsk


Now any citizen of Krasnoyarsk may apply to the administration of Krasnoyarsk with a complaint from any of the 950 express terminals.

There is a button «Write-treatment» — an electronic form, which assumes that you enter your name, address, and the essence of your treatment. If you provide your feedback data,the answer must be because this is required by law for appeals of citizens «.

Andrew Karasev (Head of Department of Information and Communications of City Administration) said that the treatment during the day from the terminal will go to the Department of citizens where a citizen can call and check passage of his message. There you can find out which department handling forwarded. The official answer from authorities must be done  within 30 days.

Karasev stressed the uniqueness of the project for Russia. «Such a number of access points does not exist in any russian city. In Moscow, there are about 450 terminals «, — said Karasev. According to him, development and implementation of appropriate software and annual maintenance budget terminal is 1.2 million rubles.

The city administration is not afraid to increase the flow of complaints to the officials after launching this service. «We do not fear, because such a possibility exists for a long time through the official City web site, now we’re  closer to the residents, because not everyone has the Internet»


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