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Startup Women Forum: speakers


I am glad to introduce you to the invited speakers of the first international Startup Women Forum that was held in Moscow, Russia on April 4-5th 2011.

Lubov Simonova-Emelyanova, Almaz Capital Partners.

Lubov is  Almaz Capital Partners fund expert. In the past she led the department of strategies and expansion of the IT division of FINAM holding, was an operation portfolio manager (Alawar Entertainment, Inc., E-Generator, MoneyMail, MirTesen.ru), took part in prearrangement of business deals for FINAM holding and FINAM-IT fund. She was a member of the committee for investments within FINAM holding. Lubov is a current member of the social council operating as a part of Youth Social Chamber of the Parliament on modernization and innovations. In 1995 Lubov Simonova-Emelyanova graduated from Moscow State Academy For Chemical Technologies in the name of M.V. Lomonosov

Elena Masolova, GrouponRussia, Pixonic.

Elena graduated fromHigh SchoolofEconomics, Economics Faculty in 2006. She was doing her postgraduate programme in the same University and in 2008 was awarded the degree of Master of Science in Economy. Elena Masolova used to be a founder and CFO of the business angels fund AddVenture, a co-founder and a partner of the venture fund RUVENTO, CEO of Smart-Book. Elena founded her first company Smart-book at the age of 22 while being a student ofHigh SchoolofEconomics. She won the HSE-5K – annual competition of business ideas and plans to be held inHigh SchoolofEconomics– with the Smart-book business plan. Elena is a member of executive committee of SVOD (Silicon Valley Open Doors) conference and a member of selection committee of Russian Tech Tour 2009.

Renata Akhunova

Renata Akhunova is a deputy programme leader at the Federal Youth Agency of Russian Federation. The programme Renata is in charge for – Zvorykinsky Project – is aimed at commercialization of the most promising Russian innovative projects (and one third of these projects are led by women by the way). Renata used to be a CEO adviser working for the National Agency for Innovations.

Maria Chernitskaya, CEO of the web advertising agency iConText

Maria is a well known expert in the field of web advertising.  In 1997 she headed the Saint-Petersburg branch of the national ISP – CityLink. In 1998-2000 Maria led the marketing and sales department of Mail.ru web portal. In 2000 she was proposed to head marketing and sales department of the Russian branch of Lycos Europe web portal. In 2002 Maria started her own agency for web advertisement – iConText. In 2006 she gained “Internet person of the decade” award established by Rambler Media.

Alena Popova, Starlook.ru and other projects

Alena is a media-consultant, web producer, venture investor, eGovernment consultant, expert in startup business.

Projects portfolio: founder and CEO of Starlook.ru, head of StartUp Afisha, author of the project Gov2Project, Startup Women, founder and CEO of Videosnack, leader of theStartUpSchool, founder of StartUp Women.

Yana Dubovejskaya, Communication on Top.

Yana is a programming director of Communication on Top forum, founder of the international award Communication for Future (C4F).Yanais an established professional in the field of corporate, media and political communications. She played leading role in the election campaign during last President’s Elections. She used to work as a head of public relations department for one of the top energy companies inRussia. She is a PhD and specialist in corporate and social psychology, author of the book “Stop. Talents.”. Yana now lives and works both inAustria,BulgariaandSwitzerland. She is a mother of 3 children.


Tatyana Kanzaveli

Tatyana Kanzaveli has a vast experience in sales, marketing and development in IT sector. She used to work as a top-manager both for startups and transnational corporations. She was one of the first to use social media to create positive image of the companies she was working for. Nowadays Tatyana works as a marketing specialist for Deloitte LLP.


Sarah Granger

Sara Granger is a successful entrepreneur, web-novator and author of dozens of publications which are translated to many languages. She has a 20+ years experience in web business and web startups. Sarah started to write computer programs at the age of 9. After graduating from the University onMichiganshe was employed by Net Daemons Associate as a information security specialist. After that she played key roles in two web startups – Artloop.com and bComfy.com. Sarah now is a consultant for a number of media companies in San-Francisco.

Tom Marcus

Tom Markus has worked in IT sector for more than 20 years. He started his career in 1986 working as an operations development vice-president for Broderbund Software, Inc (IT company well known for the projects like Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, Myst and Prince of Percia). Later he became a CEO of PureDepth, Inc and CEO of Everyone.net. He used to be an executive vice-president of Flycast Communication, company which had developed the first generation of online advertising framework. Nowadays Tom works for Woodside Capital. He is in charge of user oriented software development, especially game development for all types of platforms, and web advertising.

Brooke Moreland, Fashism.com.

Brook is a co-founder and a CEO of the online social portal Fashism.com. She has started Fashism.com in 2009 and now the number of registered users of the service exceeds 40 000.   Brook is also a columnist for TheGloss.com, Women’s LifeStyle and others. Before starting Fashism.com she used to work as a photographer and editor for a number of TV channels (TLC, TruTv and others). She is a graduate of theUniversityofTexas. She lives in Brooklyn now.

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