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Июль 2024
Пн Вт Ср Чт Пт Сб Вс
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Russian entrepreneurs hub — StartupAfisha


It is now more than six month passed since the launch of Startupafisha. And now I’m pleased to announce you it’s brand-new design and a bunch of new services.

Startupafisha is now more than just an all-Russian calendar of startup-events it has become something more – I call it Russian entrepreneurs hub where entrepreneurs and investors are able to solve existing market problems.

Startupafisha’ new services:

First of all we have updated calendar of events. It is now more social, you can now “Like” the pages of events on Facebook and export any event into your iCal. Moreover we’ve moved all the industry competitions into separate feed. Startupafisha events section implies that very soon Startupafisha is going to hold its own events.

Secondly, when we were launching the first version of Startupafisha and mailing it first startup-events newsletters we didn’t expect such huge incoming stream of events. Moreover the geography of events is now spread all over Ukraine, Belarus, Europe, Malaysia and United States. It is now almost no day without a single entrepreneurs meet-up being held. So we faced a problem – how to determine the quality of these events, which of these event is most useful for entrepreneur? Or maybe event organizers need to change something in their events to make it more useful?  To partially solve that problem we created the «Event Feedback Service» where you can choose an event for you based on the feedback of other entrepreneurs. Now the service works as a feedback and rating catalogue, we are going to develop special “StartupAfisha button” similar to twitter and facebook button.

Next big thing is that we’ve chosen the most authoritative site among startups, VC’s and experts – wanted.vc (Arkadiy Moreinis, Glavstart) and now we are starting the special project “Financial assistance for startups” – it is going to help and co-operate in wanted.vc development. The most important thing on Russian startup market is not pursuance of your own parochial interests and recreating your own small “gardens” but helping startups.

We never realized that there is a big office and working-space problem in Moscow until we faced it by ourselves, so we’ve release the “Offices map”. It is now solving a couple of issues and is aimed at three target groups. In the first place – you can now have an opportunity to mark your office on a map and get a clear picture of startup-communities concentration. Based on that data projects that are looking for premises or companies willing to lease will be able to cooperate without an intermediary. Since young startups are often looking for an inexpensive small project area our service could help them co-operate and share the rental costs. You can also mark your meet-up events on the map.

Fifth, we now see another important market issue – an unwillingness or lack of education to identify new market niches and trends. So we now providing you with hot “Startups deals”. We will personally monitor transactions (both purchases and sales) on IT-market and issue you all the necessary information in simple words. Now you can keep track of all the trends and tendencies and understand in what area it is possible to build your project.

The issue of missing team members or managers is really acute. We are following a strategy of “don’t create the wheel again” so our “Startups jobs” service is now cooperating with PRUFFI. And every day a team of Alena Vladimirskaya will be posting the most relevant startup-market vacancies. As usual you a able to post your CVs and vacancies by yourself absolutely free.

Next moment is your education. There is now a big number of programs, courses and workshops on entrepreneurship which are all united in our “Education” section. You can study the materials on our open online Startup School.

We also opened a “Startup-battle” — special project that is built according to the law of the classical Internet Battle: you can cast your voice for the best startup, leader or startup-community, add your own battle and have fun. Our communities and Leaders sections are now having their own ratings too.

At last, but not least weэму opened the only paid service on StartupAfisha – «Consulting». The broad geography of special events for the startups often only covers the big cities, but there are still areas where such events are not carried out, and help or advice can only be obtained offline. Another example if a startup is looking for a consultant or expert to help in a business-plan preparation. That service is exactly for you.

StartupAfisha is now available on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

More services are coming soon.

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