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Февраль 2024
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Russian Search Engine Market Is Growing Ever More Competitive


Russian search engines market has been developing at fast pace and gave the world Google (American searching machine grew to 71.24% of the global market not least because of innovative ideas of Sergey Brin, a Russian ?migr?), and Yandex, a search engine which controls 64.3% of Russian market. That this competitive landscape can be diversified by a comparable market player, is dubious, but such a project with $100 million budget is being developed.

Shchegolev to Reiman: Avoid Killing Yandex, Reiman To Shchegolev: It’s Just A Market Affair

The developers‘ clients must have known the market well. Former Presidential advisor Leonid Reiman termed the project “market affair“ and “interesting topic”, admitting that the trend is to continue speech recognition research. Minister of Communications Igor Shchegolev promised to avoid “killing” Yandex with new search engine. Aluminum and titan tycoon Viktor Vexelberg sees need to create in Russia “a Google a year”.

Google and Yandex have decades of history, whereas development of the new engine must be accomplished in a year. If projected into the future, such a speed promises much further to go, and competitors won’t kill Yandex, but won’t they turn the new engine upside down? Russian search engine market is growing all the more intriguing! Nonetheless, local search engines yield in popularity even in Western European countries.

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