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Июль 2024
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Lipetsk and Voronezh regions are now leading in the E-Government development.

“Center of Applied Economics” has formed the overall rating of the Russian Federation subjects in terms of implementing the e-government in 2010. Among the central regions the highest score gained the Lipetsk region. In All-Country championship it yield the position to Tatarstan and shared the second place with Kabardino-Balkaria. The Voronezh region takes place in the first ten best regions, the Tambov region is thirteen.

Russian central regions E-gov developmentThe first ranking of e-Government implementation has been held in February 2010. At that moment 6 regions didn’t have any e-government portals at all.  The first place took Tambov region. 10 month later all of the regions had launched their e-government portals. Orlov region was the last in December 2010/

Lipetsk region is developing the E-government since 2008. There was information about 40 government and municipal services a year ago, but now on it rises up to 800. Next step in 2011 is Universal Electronic Card implementation. It would become the personal ID (and also substitution for medical insurance, pension certificate among with other documents) and also citizen would be able to make relevant in law actions, receive and pay the banking services.

Next year the way the rating was calculated is going to be changed. The indicators of the real benefits to citizens would take the most important place in the ranking among with the traffic statistics. Even the Lipetsk and Tambov regions are now belong to the group  with an average attendance of portals of government and municipal services (only 5-20% of the region citizens visit the portals).

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