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Super Russian Viral Video case initiated by region’s governor.


Big city life has its pros and cons. And Moscow isn’t only the capital of Russia but also a megapolis that has a lot of things to offer, especially with regard to making money. As you can understand this trend incites that more and more people leave hometowns and thus,  regions looses its valuable workforce.

The video «Rodnopolisy» that can be translated as Hometowns  is a great example that appeals to young people and promotes those little cities and towns which people leave for better (or not???) life in Moscow. I liked the idea itself and the way it is done.  Nikita Belikh — one of the most popular Russian eOfficial and governor of Kirovskiy region —  also took part in this video and agreed to give us some comments.

Whose idea was  idea to shoot such a video?

Nikita Belyh: I am really pleased to say that neither me nor any other municipal worker had put forward the idea. It was the absolute initiative of young talented crew  of the regional TV channel. I personally got involved only by the time the process had been already undergone and the final version of the script had been ready.

What do you think of the consequences of this activity? What kind of outcomes are expected?

N.B.: One should be a big optimist to think that one video can change everything in a way that Kirov will become popular and migration patterns will be significantly affected. But this video definitely can be viewed as one more argument for those people who decided to move to the capital or other big “wealthy” city. What we see now is that Web is full of comments like these ones — “Just watched the video from my place in Moscow/New York/London. Missing my hometown so much!” or “That’s it! I’m coming home!” — and it is great!

Why video?

N.B.: Video is the best tool to deliver the vorrect message as well it contains creative ideas nowadays. Anyway we have a plain audio version as well.

How do you think will it make sense to translate the song to other languages, say, English? Are you aware of similar activities outside Russia?

N.B.: Frankly speaking, I haven’t spent much time doing research that is why I personally unaware of similar videos’ existence. Translation? Have no idea. After all the target audience of the video is quite specific, e.g. video is addressed to the people who left their native towns and cities, to the people who know Russian. From the other hand, I can’t see any cons to such a translation.

Are you aware of any negative reaction to the video?

N.B.: There always be some portion of negative reaction to any idea. This case was not an exception. Authors of the video received some negative feedback once they had unveiled their idea in Web. But they did a great job responding to every anonymous message in  Web explaining their position which can be formulated as “stop criticizng everybody just do something”.

Do you think that appearance of the Governor in the video is appropriate?

N.B.: I am not ready to speak for the Governors in general but I can speak for myself. My appearance in the video seems logical to me.  Video creators and me share the common ideas and ideals, I understand the target audience of the video, after all that was the authors who had proposed me a role not vice versa.

Can this video be used to promote inbound tourism to the region?

N.B.: I think the answer is positive. Other towns and cities shall do the same things but anyway Vyatka (Kirov) will always be the first in a row.

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