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Июль 2024
Пн Вт Ср Чт Пт Сб Вс
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New E-Mail Service Connects Civil Officers With Others


Public service of electronic mail for communication between citizens and officials and for public services can be launched in Russia already in the end of this year.

The algorithm is simple: citizens will be able to register e-mail address at post office, wait for registration data, receive public services, and interact with civil servants. This scenario is already fulfilled in case of electronic public services through Gosuslugi.ru.

Use of public e-mail for signatures along with other e-mail addresses won’t be restricted, but use of the new service for private purposes will be prevented with all off-topic messages to other servers blocked. Signatures will be first and last names of subscribers.

Still to be defined is a solution to dilemma of names’ duplication (when 2 individuals or more can have the same first and last names), as well as e-mail boxes’ volume and choice of domain zone. Russian domain .rf suggests Cyrillic keyboard layout, which does not have the symbol “@”.

Public e-mail will be available only through web-interface, not e-mail clients. This should raise information security of new services.

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