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Nationwide Forum «Development Of Information Society. E-Government. Regions And Municipalities»


During the first 2 days of November I held a section’s meetings of the Russian nationwide practical forum «Development of Information Society. E-government. Regions and municipalities» devoted to information society in Russia.

The section’s main topic was network diplomacy, and key speakers — featuring the State Duma deputy Ilya Ponomarev, Tatiana Kanzeveli, Alexander Selivanov, head of political department of Central Executive Committee of United Russia party Alexey Chadayev – were discussing social media activity and blogging of public officers from the standpoint of community relations, including utility of social media for municipalities and response to negative comments.

Deputy Chadayev believes that «officials should not and cannot use the blog as an attribute of an individual, i.e. telling me what he ate yesterday, with whom he went for a walk yesterday, what movie he watched. The question that every leader on every level must set is if he can use a blog to facilitate daily work with people. If not, then there is nothing to do there for me».

Deputy Ponomarev referred to Peter the Great who ordered his court nobility to avoid reading public speeches from paper for «foolishness of everybody to be visible». As Ponomarev said, «in this sense, the very fact of access to the network is extremely positive. However, it is not always that foolishness of the statesman himself that is visible. What is often seen is the foolishness of his media office. But since it is the public servant himself who appoints the media office, this still characterizes his inner world «.

Guest from America on this forum, Tatyana Kanzaveli cited Dmitry Medvedev’s Twitter as a good example of a microblog: «I was surprised with how he writes. The language is not bureaucratic, but rather ‘humane’. I believe that politicians in America, too, must learn to talk like that with the public”.

More detailed informationyou can find at Forum’s website

Here Tatyana’s presentation

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