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Coming Wave of Gov 2.0 Mergers


Alan W. Silberberg
Gov 2.0 Innovator. CEO. Founder, Silberberg Innovations, and Gov20LA.
The Huffington Post

The Coming Wave of Gov 2.0 Mergers, Takeovers and Buyouts is almost upon us. This will mark the second major part of the Government 2.0 revolution:

The Gov 2.0 finance and deal side.

Why is this going to happen?

* Economies of Scale.
* Normal Market Progression
* Recent hot media presence, such as CNN, Business Week, NPR, etc.
* Nascent but growing market with no financial or deal makers of note yet.

The Government 2.0 space is growing. There are lots and lots of small companies chasing their piece of the pie. There are lots of large companies also chasing their piece or trying to make sure their old pie stays the pie. This phenomena will only increase, as the stakes get higher, and the bar for entry also gets higher. Now money matters. It will matter even more as revenue models are fully formed and the real business of Government 2.0 takes off.

There has only been one Gov 2.0 Merger to date of note, GovLoop and GovDelivery. This model is an early one — two information companies coming together. But there will also be «click and brick» mergers — where a defense contractor acquires an app company or vice-versa- an app company acquires a hard line manufacturing company with broad Gov contracts to get access to those contract vehicles.

Why Silberberg Innovations?

Silberberg Innovations has positioned itself to be the early Merger and Acquisition specialist in the Government 2.0 Space. With deep industry contacts; practical knowledge of the technology, the trends and the business environment, it is an exciting step for us. While innovating through early Gov 2.0 platform experimentation and culture change discussions, it became apparent there is a vibrant and growing industry getting ready to take its place in our society. While speaking at and producing our own Gov20 events like Gov20LA, it also became clear that this is an industry hungry for fusing business and government — leading towards tremendous market opportunities to be had.

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  1. Thanks for re-posting this. The Gov 2.0 World is indeed a World.

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