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Archive for the ‘Social Practices’ Category

I believe that most things that people do, what kind of purposes they set up in life depend on a family we’re coming from, what attitudes and beliefs we share with each other. Probably that’s why starting from my childhood I’ve learnt that there is no point in being a selfish person, the best thing we could do is to share, help others. My father and its lifestyle and attitudes gave me a great example. Despite my dad was a common builder, he used to devote lots of time to charity work: developed  hippotherapy in my native town (Ekaterinburg), deliberately gathered information about this and voluntarily attempted to put this therapy into practice. My dad and I used to visit retired people, give them presents when I was at school. At that time I realized that such help didn’t lead to anything positive in the long-term perspective. What will happen? What will change after your visit?…what’s then?  I’m sure if you want to help others you should do it on a long-term basis, constantly interacting with people who need your help, providing them with extra opportunities, otherwise it won’t work out. continue reading

I’ve recently discovered at Mashable a great great article on World Population Day initiative from the World Food Program

I would like to hear your thoughts and comments on that problem. Let’s feed the «hungry billion together»

To celebrate World Population Day, the World Food Program has launched a campaign to pair a billion Internet users with the billion-plus hungry people in the world.

Read more on Billion for a Billion program

Nikolay Nikiforov – Tatarstan IT-minister announced that it is now possible to donate to victims of #Bulgaria motor ship crash via Tatarstan Government Website with any bankcard with 0 commission fee.


Anyone who is ready to provide assistance to relatives of those victims and missing persons could transfer funds via Government portal or for the bank account specified in the Tatarstan Government Portal