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Июнь 2024
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GTS. First Day: WorkShop – Start in Garage


The first day of GTS — Global Technology Symposium.  WorkShop — Start in Garage began at 9 am. Only Russian were there at that time. Foreigners come to dinner. But nevertheless all the lectures were in English.

We talked about needed  startups  and how to enter the world markets. In the hall a lot of investment funds and investors. Perfectly speach made by Nicholas Mityushin (Investment Director, ABRT Venture Fund) about a series of investments in start-ups and 7 points of the project’s success.

Actually, a lot of talk about stalkers, people-foreigners who help with the removal of your product (ideas) to overseas markets. Of course, investments go in projects with the team headed by a foreigner with work experience in consulting in general.

Trends of start-ups:

* Visualization,
* Search Engine of voice files and video,
* Video-interactive (in general, there is also a successful Actio)
* Geo-based advertising.As I sat in the front row, I was a victim for all speakers. Christopher Stone (Executive Director, Global Technology Symposium) held a section in the form of the game. Very positive experience. He asked me to play with venture funds of selling my business for $ 3 million, and then ask for a second round of investment with 1 million. In the end I had to make sure that the company’s bankruptcy investors are asking more than 1 million, and if successful could not take the board of directors of more than 1 place.  Plus Christopher is actively appealing to the audience in search of additional situations.

The whole event take place in the Plug & Play Tech Center in the heart of Silicon Valley. During the breaks, I was learning more about  Stanford University with a professor : he showed me what  Silicon Valley is.

Perfectly speash was made by Vlasta Pokladnikova, a venture consultant Sequoia Capital, about Elevator Pitch . It was understandable & well illustrated by the thing: when you are asked about your project you shoul appeal  to those projects that are already known. For example, YouTube to eleveytor pitch invented this idea: Youtube-a Flickr for video. That’s three words about the essence videostock. Also thanks to Ilya Antipov (Technopark of St. Petersburg) and Sergei Eremin (Microsoft).

Thanks to Ilya Ponomarev, who introduced me to many people. And it was good to talk to tomorrow’s speakers: Oleg Fomichev (Strategic Programs and Budget Department, Ministry of Trade and Economic Development of the Russian Federation), Igor Agamirzyanom (Director of Russian Venture Company) and presentatives of Chamber of Commerce of the United States.

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